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ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS FOR BRASS BAND (See Canadian Landscapes CD for recordings)

All the Day Long  Jazz flavoured waltz based on a well-known hymn tune

Follow the Star Premised on the idea that if the Three Kings were royal in their own right, they would therefore "proceed" in a suitably regal fashion, with fanfare and pomp. Inspired by an arrangement of We Three Kings by Noreen Lienhard, 1989, and used with her kind permission

It is Well with my Soul Bass Trombone solo .... explores upper registers with some brief excursions into the "lower 6" notes!

Three Songs for Three Friends  Three original tunes - latin, ballad, and jazz waltz - featuring a trio of flugels with band accompaniment

Hog's Back Falls  March celebrating the Rideau River falls at Mooney's Bay, Ottawa

Winners of the Peace  This march is respectfully dedicated to the men and women of Canada's Peacekeeping Corps who work daily to preserve peace around the world.

For the Girls An original in burlesque style  as a tribute to Gypsy Rose Lee, Lili St Cyr, and Salome (of the seven veils)

Lord, Gimme a Little Nudge An original jazz-flavoured gospel piece with an optional tenor horn ad lib solo!

Make No Waves Duet for Flugel and Euphonium, with jazz solos! ... with brass band, of course!

Mummer's Carnival Celebrating  long-standing tradition of Mummering in Newfoundland (and elsewhere). Not your usual 6/8-2/4 march!

Lament on Remembering Euphonium solo for Rememberance Day. In memory of all those soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice.

See the Wind Inspired by Canadian author W. O. Mitchell's poignant novel life on the Canadian Prairies Who Has Seen the Wind



ARRANGEMENTS/TRANSCRIPTIONS FOR BRASS BAND (See Canadian Landscapes CD for recordings)

Suite Christmas Bells* (J M Gayfer) Three Christmas songs composed as vocals with piano accompaniment, arranged as a feature for soprano cornet with band.

Award of Merit* (J M Gayfer) A ceremonial march suitable for graduations

Tomorrow's Dreams* (J M Gayfer) trombone solo writtten for Gayfer's son Jim

The Wells of Marah* (J M Gayfer) Gayfer draws a parallel between the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 15:23) and the sufferings of the Selkirk Settlers in Canada in the early 1700's.  Premiered at the Connections concert of The Maple Leaf Brass Band, June 2, 2007

Fanfare, Toccata and March* (J M Gayfer) A short effective fanfare introduces a lively toccata, scored for sop and solo cornet. 

The Prayer* David Foster and Carol Sager  Arranged as a duet for Eb Soprano Cornet and Euphonium, or Sop and Solo Cornet, or Colo Cornet and Tenor Horn

Ode to Newfoundland ( Sir Cavendish Boyle) Many Newfoundlanders still consider this their National Anthem

Airmen's Prayer  (Music by W. Campbell, Words by G.L. Creed) This Hymn was written in 1942 and was incorporated into the RCAF Hymnal. The arrangement is for choir and organ or brass band or all three. Premiered October 2005 by The Blackburn Chorus, Dr Dierdre Piper (organ) and The Maple Leaf Brass Band . The piece can be performed by choir and organ, choir and brass band, choir, organ and band, or by band alone.

The Maple Leaf Forever (Alexander Muir) A Canadian patriotic song

Variations on A, E, G* (J M Gayfer) Based on only three notes, James Gayfer dedicated this piece to his father: Arthur Erskine Gayfer.  World Premiere at the Hannaford Festival of Brass Toronto, February 2005 by The Maple Leaf Brass Band of Ottawa, conducted by David Druce, MMM

Che Bella Cosa! (traditional) Italian dances:  two waltzes, 3 tarantellas and a tango arranged for accordion (with cued parts if there's no Stomach-Steinway available) with band accompaniment. A fun and fairly easy arrangement, a crowd pleaser!

St John Ambulance Canadian Centennial March* (J M Gayfer) Comissioned by St John Ambulance, a sprightly 6/8 march with a decidedly Irish flavour

Canadian Landscape* (J M Gayfer) A scenic trip across Canada in the form of a tone poem

Suite - Yukon Summer* (J M Gayfer)

I Yukonna - Great River
II March - Cadet Camp Whitehorse
III Pastorale - Fort Selkirk
IV Bonanza! Dawson Discovery Days! 

Comissioned by the Yukon Territorial Government, each of the 4 movements highlights an aspect of Yukon activity and life. Marimba features prominently in all movements in this brass band version. The third movement is scored for flugel, alto trombone (or tenor horn), 3 tenor trombones, bass trombone, marimba, and snare drum. World Premier in Toronto, October 17, 2003 by The Maple Leaf Brass Band of Ottawa, conducted by David Druce, MMM  (Note: Re-scored for Xylophone and Vibes in place of Marimba. Score and parts have both options for greater flexibility)

Green Fields and White Hawthorne* (J M Gayfer) a country ballad featuring solo cornet

Marble Halls (Michael Balfe) a Bb cornet solo from the music of The Bohemian Girl


*arranged by permission

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